Hedge & Pruning

Beech hedges – usually cut in August and they grow very little after cutting – their growth period is the first quarter of the year. Hard cutting back for a hedge which is too large can be done in mid-winter as long as the weather is not very cold.

Laurel – laurel should be cut in July or August and may need a tidy up with secateurs as hedge trimmers can leave the large tough leaves looking rather ragged and misshapen.

Leyland Cypress/Leylandii – these require cutting three times a year in April, July and late August because they are fast growers, cutting once a year would quickly lead to overgrowth both in terms of the width and the height of the trees

Privet – trim twice a year between May and August, the more you cut privet, the more it will thicken up and form a dense hedge and this, in turn, makes it easier to keep it all the same size. Overgrown privet can be cut back hard in April.

Yew hedges – cut yew once a year in August or September.

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